Top 5 Apps to Make Your Essays Example of Perfection

The importance of essay writing skills can never be underestimated at any stage of your academic career. However, with the advent of new technologies, our lives are getting complicated with the passage of time. Time is the most precious treasure which most us seem to lack. As a result, we are always in a dire need of shortcuts to get our tasks organized.

Online apps and tools are doing the job for us. Some of apps stated below can make your essays stand out.


Grammarly provides the best services whether your concern is grammar, spelling, sentence structure or punctuation. You just have to run your writing through Grammarly and it will do the job of revision for saving a whole lot of your time. It’s almost like having a teacher assisting you and pointing out errors at every stage of your writing. Supplementary to that, it also provides you the services of plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancer.

Essay Czar

Essay Czar is the ultimate app you need to gain an understanding of all the genres of essays. It’s a comprehensive guide explaining over 40 types of essays. It provides step by step instructions on how to proceed with each kind of essay. All the information is expressed in detail but without any ambiguity. It’s regarded as one of the most user-friendly application for essay writing. The conversational style is used along with precise examples to provide valid assistance, especially to the students.


If you wish to nail an essay, you must have specialized knowledge in the area you are working on. Udemy is a praiseworthy online app that comes in handy if you wish to familiarize yourself with a specific topic. This app is all you need if you wish to come up with a research based essay on a particular topic. Writing an essay can become a piece of cake if you possess extensive knowledge in your subject area.


Hemingway is another essay writing app which enables you to write an error free fluent essay. One of its additional function is that any sentence which is unnecessarily long is automatically highlighted. A red highlight means that the sentence is too twisted or complicated that readers may lose the lead you want them to follow. Edit sentence to get rid of the red. Text can also be edited with the toolbar.


Capture a note you want to remember for your essay and it will be available for you on all the devices. Never stress about forgetting an idea again because once you wrote it, it’s in Evernote, and Evernote is easily available almost everywhere. In order to write outstanding content, it is known that writing notes play an important part. You may use it when you’re doing research on your essay on the internet or reading books for the purpose.

After introducing all these helpful apps, I now hope that your essay writing experience will be very much improved.

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