10 Do’s and Don’ts for Argument Essays

Regardless of your department and level of academic education, you will always be asked to write influential essays. Essays are mandatory to proceed in educational career. However, at some level, you are assigned with argumentative essays in which you have to take a side and prove your point of view on one of the perspectives of given topic.

Certainly, argumentative essays are a lot better than “the first day at college” or “Discipline” kind of essays. By the same token, they are a whole lot complicated and demanding. And so you need to put an extra effort to deliver an imploring argumentative essay. To accomplish that, you stand in need to know the do’s and don’ts of such essay.


  • Read the question or task statement and must follow the guidelines stated in there. If you have any kind of confusion, feel free to ask the instructor instead of making assumptions of your own.
  • Apply powerful mode of communicating without creating an impression of aggressiveness in reader’s mind. Keeping a well-defined balance is the key.
  • Systematically structure your essay to make it coherent for the readers, creating an impression on the reader’s mind.
  • Make sure you have convincing points in favor of your argument.
  • Do explain the conflicting perspective and explain with logic why do you think it is not applicable. Answer and dissolve any possible supporting belief the other side may have.
  • Present authentic references in support of your argument.
  • Instead of using “I” which implicates personal approach, try using WE to create a harmonious and inclusive dialogue.
  • Express yourself in a passionate and emotionally tempting way.
  • Conclude strategically creating a friendly environment, which is tolerant towards disagreement.
  • Do revise and proofread the essay to make it the best version of itself.


  • Strictly avoid applying pessimistic or cynical communication style to address disagreement.
  • State your argument in a humble tone rather than affirmative. Like, you may use “I suggest” instead of using “I affirm”.
  • Use of a threatening statement can be a complete turn off for your essay, never do that.
  • Rigidly avert exaggeration of facts, in fact, present them with a restraint to have an influential impact.
  • Too much of anything can cause a repelling effect on the reader, that is why do not whip your argument with facts and history. In preference, try to make your point of view credible through sound judgment.
  • Do not declare or impose anything as if you are a virtuoso in subject matter even if you are.
  • Never go for a blame game or politics. You can ruin your whole image in an attempt to exploit the counter argument.
  • Do not let grammatical errors, typos, missing punctuation or an abrupt discussion leave a disapproving comment on your essay.
  • Do not get too consumed with the topic that you even forget to revise formatting details like font style, size, layout etc.

Once you have evaluated your essay with all these do’s and don’ts, you can now sit back and hope for grades better than ever. The only thing you need to remember is that you have to make the reader agree with your argument. Keeping this in mind, you can create excellent argumentative essays.

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