Productivity Hacks Every College Student Needs this Year

Productivity is a requirement everyone finds hard to fulfill however its usefulness cannot be denied by any means. Students, especially those of college, often become too overburdened due to additional college tasks and an increased social circle. They often find it really hard to keep family, educational and social life together. At the end of the day, they feel like that the day was a total wastage with a heavily crowded To Do List.

I know exactly how stressful the situation becomes. That is why I have compiled the most effective productivity hacks for you right here. You can have a look and half your stress will melt away with the realization that it was not so hard as it seemed.


Make this very word a wallpaper of your desktop, your phone, your dressing, wherever it keeps striking you. First thing in the morning you can do is decide at least four tasks you will accomplish that day. Make it your goal and keep reminding yourself throughout the day until you have them accomplished. The lesser number of tasks you assign to yourself, the better you will be motivated to get them done. Just the three errands I have to run today? Not a big deal. This way you will have these done by the end of the day.

Set Up a Timetable

To step towards a productive day, you can make a timetable. Don’t stress too much on details, just keep it  simple and rough. However, do try to be precise with time you give yourself for each task. Divide your day into chunks of chores, like you can take twenty minute of break after every forty minutes of work, which can expand according to your needs. Specialists suggest that having a schedule is whole lot better than disorganized To-Do List which makes you less willing to getting started at all.

Abandon Distractions

One hour of work in which you are totally focused and distraction free is better than an entire day dedicated to working, most of which you wasted in making coffee, surfing Pinterest, responding to emails and so forth. The time you have dedicated to a certain job should be completely diversion free. Turn your phone off, get far away from any place where anyone can disturb your pace of working.

Begin Your Day Earlier

You need eight hours of sleep at most for good health. You can enhance your productivity by reducing the extra hours you waste sleeping and put them to a better cause. Rise early in the morning and go for morning walk, yoga or exercise whatever you prefer to give a head start to your day. It will keep you energetic and active throughout the day.

Keep a Track of Progress

At the end of the day, mark the tasks as done which you achieved through the day. This will assist you in keeping a record of how much you have improved in terms of productivity along with giving you a feeling of accomplishment.

Now that you are aware with several hacks to enhance productivity, I believe you will never be facing any stress anymore. You just need to overcome slackness once; the path will be smooth afterward.

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