Top Social Networks for College Students

There are many things available online to benefit students. Some of them are old whereas some of them are new. Here I bring you a list of some social media networks that must be tried by every student. The best thing about these sites is that they are all free of cost. Let’s take a look:


No matter you are having problems with your math assignment, academic paper, Research Papers, MCQs or just looking for something online to learn, Twitter is the right place for you. This is one of the greatest social media networks present just a single click away.

ClassRoom 2.0

Steve Hardagon has created ClassRoom 2.0 which used by hundreds and thousands of educators daily.  The site changes your view of education and motivates you to do something on your own. It is absolutely free. Log on to the site today and surf around.


Who hasn’t heard about Facebook? There was this time when Facebook was just an online site where people could socialize, make friends chit chat and that’s it. But the time has changed, with its changing features, you can now learn so much from Facebook. Join groups, like motivational pages, follow inspirational personalities and do much more.

Google Plus

This social network is of course made by Google. There are many features present in this online web which are very good for students. It has impressive features like group video calls, postings and hangouts. Create your account on Google plus and avail the benefits.


This small social network works like Twitter. It enables micro blogging option, and you can review your blogs in a timeline sequence. Apart from that, the interface is based on Karma platform.


Newly developed beta version of this social platform is available for all the students. Sophia offers amazing features to its students. One of the best features of Sophia is Free Lesson Plans. You can go through lessons totally free of cost; along with that the site offers private group and online tutors facility as well.


Papershelm is one of the well-known education platforms for students of any class. PapersHelm has the most affordable prices with exclusive discounts. Their support agents are available 24 x 7 to help you with your assignments or any other queries.

Who Teaches

The purpose of this platform is to bring teachers, parents and students together. This is can be done in a group call, either video or audio (your choice). Then you can also share documents and files in the group. The site also offers online tutor services.

Better Lesson

Better Lesson is one of the ideal networks for students and teachers. Students can find 100% authentic resources when they are assigned with a research task. Whereas for teachers, they can find which strategy to apply on students and to teach them accordingly.

Collaborative Translation

James O’Reilly has done a lot for this social media platform. You can log on to this platform totally free of cost. This is where you are able to share and find innovative ideas.

Meta Description

Nowadays everyone uses social media, no matter he or she is a student, teacher or a parent. No Matter what you are if you need any type of academic writing services, PapersHelm is just a click away from you.



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