How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay

At the time of fighting with your family or friends, do you make struggle to win? The talent is to connect your stats, facts and concepts strongly while arguing or have a strong support on whatever view point you have. If you lost an argument, the most probable reason could be that you only supported your opinion. While working on an argumentative, your goal should be to convince others that your opinion is authentic and valid. There are four main factors of writing a strong argumentative essay and in this blog we will study the ways to write a strong argumentative essay.

  1. Find a Debatable Topic

Be very careful while choosing the topic for your argumentative essay. Do a thorough research and make sure the topic you chose has 2 sides. For example you cannot talk about whether humans have 2 legs or 4. However, if there is something argumentative for instance some newly launched game, politics or gun control etc. then make sure you choose this topic. You should know that while writing your essay, you will have to defend your view point and in order to do that; you need to have strong points. So you should know what you are doing.

  1. Have a Strong Stance

You must stand against the other’s opinion while writing an argumentative essay; this is the only way you are going to write a well carried out thesis. Make your point clear by sharing transparent thoughts. For example, you cannot say that you like fries but the government should ban fried because they make you fat. With such idea, the reader won’t know if you are in favor of fries or if you are against them. So make it obvious which side are you taking while writing down your argumentative thesis.

  1. Support your argument

The right use of irrefutable evidence and logic will make a good argument. You can back up your opinion and statements with statistics and facts for the experts. You can start your sentence by something like “A study by XYZ College from Australia shows that…” You cannot include unsubstantiated material in your argumentative essay. Make sure whatever you are writing has reference present over the internet. Secondly, your reference needs to be authentic as well.

  1. Refute alternate positions

Refuting alternate positions would be the last and final stage of your argumentative essay. When you address the opposite site, you make your argument stronger.  For example if someone from the opposition says “By eating fries, I am only hurting myself; it is not government’s job to ban fries”. In order to defend your argument you might want to start something like “According to the research done in 2016, by XYZ expert, it is proven that 60% of the people have diabetes caused because of eating fries”. This way you leave the question on your opponent, if you work through your argumentative essay like this, the chances are that you are going to win it.

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