Cinematic Techniques for a Better Essay

Every student gets an assignment on Movie Analysis and not everyone knows what steps to follow in order to write a whole essay on movie review. There are certain things you need to learn to make sure you not only complete your essay for the heck of it, but also score good marks as well.


Genre is the type of the movie which follows a specific style, for example horror, comedy, drama or action etc. First thing that you need to do while you watch a movie and write your essay on its analysis is that you figure out the genre of the movie.

Literary Terms

This term is not usually used for movie analysis but can be used in a way. While you attend your literature classes, you can be asked to analyze any movie. You must review the theme of the movie, think of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc. These are the types of movies with big plot and great themes.

Musical Score

You know you always hum the song you listened to while watching the movie, it can be any hip hop song or a Disney tune. The reason you cannot get it out of your head is because they are important in any movie, so make sure you pay attention to the type of music that is played in the background.


This term is usually borrowed from literature. Everybody has a different view point about the movie, let’s takes movie planet of the apes for example and since 1965 there have been many changes made in the picture and so there have been different point views since then.


This is just a sequence of frames which refers to the emotions, scenes and the story in a movie. There are numerous shots of every long scene, e.g. a cowboy is riding a horse in a desert, there can’t be a single shot; obviously there will be multiple shots with zoom in and out. Observe it carefully!


This is another factor which needs to be noticed when you watch a movie. If you are watching a horror movie, then obviously the lighting would be less as it is mostly shot in the dark. However, if you are watching a comedy movie, then there will be bright light. This doesn’t only matter as per genre but also plays a great role for the affects.

Camera Angles

There are 3 types of camera angles/shots, which are aerial shots, high/low shots or eye level shots. Some shots are taken from height to cover the wide range of any area, which are also called aerial shots, while other shots are common in any movie.


I must say this is the most important part of any movie; a movie with no sound effects would be as boring as a birthday without a cake. Let’s take a horror movie for instance, if there is any scary scene that is about to come, how would it scare you? I don’t think without music it can. So observe this part too.

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