Importance of Eliminating Wordiness from Essay

You are always given a specific word count for your academic essay; no matter it is a thesis, term paper or any other academic paper. So what do you do in order to complete the word count? No stretch your paper by adding irrelevant sentences and words, right? By jumbling up the words, you would only remove the meaning of the paper. Let’s learn the importance of eliminating wordiness from an essay.

Wordiness Doesn’t Add Meaning

By adding words in your paper, you add no meaning to it. If you are given a paper with 600 words and upon reaching the word count of 550 you are done with writing everything but now you still have to write 50 more words to complete the word count, you will only jumble up the words which would make your writing even clunkier to read.

Improve Clarity of Your Text

When you write you do not realize that you are adding wordiness to your paper. You write your paper as you think of it but sometimes these words take clarity off your document or assignment. By adding extra and hard words, we sometimes end up making out sentences harder which sometimes takes away the clarity of the context. So cut the mess off your document and leave some clarity in it.

3 Tips to Reduce Wordiness

Let me share 2 tips to help you eliminate the wordiness off your academic document.

  1. Replace phrases: Replace “at the present time” with “now”.
  2. Avoid Statements: You can shorten the content by simply coming to the point and avoiding the long irrelevant sentences.
  3. Remove redundancy: Do not be more detailed, instead of adding words like “the color red” you could simply write “red”.

Make Room for Additional Evidence

Sometime when you add too add words under one heading, or in one paragraph, you end up leaving no space for the important points. For example, you have to write a process for something and in the first 3 steps you had stuffed wordiness and when it came to step 4 and 5 you had no space left, what would you do here? Well, in my opinion, you must remove the wordiness out of your document right away. Otherwise you won’t score enough marks by writing the 3 steps only, when you knew the other 2 steps were important as well.

Enough Words

Now that you have learned the importance of eliminating the wordiness, you might have also learned that ways of removing the wordiness as well. Quality always wins over quantity; no matter your word count has exceeded the required word count, you must also make sure that whatever you have written in your document is free of wordiness and it doesn’t lack clarity either.


By following the above mentioned tips and tricks, you can end up writing a perfect piece of academic paper. Your paper will be concise and on point with nothing irrelevant in it. If you have liked the tips, don’t forget to share it with your fellas.

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