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We all know that there are good words and there are bad words. By bad words, I don’t mean abusive words, but words which are not right suitable for specific term or sentence. The wise decision would be choosing the words that convey the true meaning of what you intend to say in the paper. Today I will teach how to choose the right words for your essay and how important it is to choose them.

Importance of Choosing the Right Words

Let’s start with the phrase “Words Matter”, talking about the essay, this is something the really matters. You can be talking about anything in the paper, no matter you are trying to convince the reader that water is not solid matter, it can be about yourself or about a movie. No matter what the type of paper is, you would always be required to use the right words in order to convey the right meaning. If you would choose the solid words, you are most likely to prove yourself a credible writer. Your reader will know that you have knowledge, and that is why you used the right word in the paper. Let’s learn a few more steps in order to make your paper free of wordiness.

  1. Avoid Redundancy

When you are assigned an assignment, the most daunting task for any student is to complete the word count. So most students use different techniques to complete the word count one of them is redundancy of words. This is a common practice that students drag the content by using wordiness just for the heck of completing the word count.  I highly recommend that this practice must be stopped. Repetitive words and sentences weaken the tone of your content and you end up writing a jumbled and vague content which is bad for your paper and grades.

  1. Do not Use Flowery Text

Now let me share the second major mistake that students make while doing their assignments. The excessive use of adjectives can make your paper sound flowery. You really do not need to do that; you can explain the situation with the help of one adjective. You must reduce the use of adjectives and make your content simple and clean for the reader, otherwise he will switch to other article and if it is your instructor, then you might end up getting low grades.

  1. Limit Informal Language

You must not forget the academic language should be followed with discipline. Use of informal words and language can make your content sound like you are talking to your buddy. While you write for an academic content, you cannot use slang words, abbreviations or any other short cut words. Make sure you do not use words like “people,” “things,” “stuff,” “society etc.

  1. Stay Confident

You should know what you are writing and you need to be confident about it. Keep a strong tone right from the beginning and make your reader feel like he knows what you are saying. The content can only be convincing if it sounds confident.

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