Tips to Write an Interesting History Essay

History is one of those subjects which is found to be boring for most of the students. But what can be done in this situation except for attempting to write it anyway. So the best ways to kill the boredom is by spicing up your history essay and make it interesting for the reader and for the writer himself.

How to Start

It is a stereotype that a book is always judged by its cover, same goes for the essays that they are always judged by their titles. It happens quite often that we start reading an article online and then click on another one, just because its title is attractive. Now I am going to split the main points into a few sections so you learn how to start your essay.

Inspirational Quote:

We all know that there have been many quotes said by famous people in the history. So you can always start your essay with some inspirational quote. Make sure your quote is relevant to the topic and you can definitely share it before you begin.


The second most interesting thing that you can add in your essay would be to include stats, stats which are not simple, but shocking as well. You must have done enough research on the topic and you must have taken the notes as well, so now you must include some shocking facts and stats about your topic.


Another thing which you can do to make your essay interesting is trick the reader with asking him questions. The more he wonders, the more he would want to read.


Okay now this is most amazing opening feature that you can add in your paper. By adding concession to your essay you can address the opposite meaning and view point of the topic as well.

After the Start

Once you have successfully started writing on your essay with one of the above mentioned tricks, you can now easily go with the flow and write further. Construct a clear thesis statement for your essay which should be giving clear direction of your entire essay to the reader.

Make sure the content you wrote is taken from authentic resources; you will have to cite work with references in the end. Talk about the facts with references to make it sound more authentic. The reader won’t believe anything unless there is a reference present on the internet.

Body and Conclusion

Now that you have learned mostly all the tips and trick to make your history essay interesting, now is the time that you construct the body and conclusion of the essay. The body of the essay needs to be well carried out, and it should be in the form of paragraphs, mostly 6-7 paragraphs would work. For the conclusion there needs to be 1 paragraph only, in which you will conclude the essay with your personal opinion. You need to be precise about what you conclude; it should not be confusing for the reader about the side you take while you conclude the essay.

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