Everything You Need to Know About Writing an Abstract

It is difficult to write for a university paper than writing for a school paper. No matter you are working on an essay, thesis or any other academic assignment; you must prepare an abstract before you write a paper. Your abstract would be like a preview of your paper so it needs to impressive for the reader to keep reading. It must be concise, clear and well prepared. Let me share some suggestions to master your abstract writing skills.

Identify the Solution

First thing that you need to do is to make sure that your abstract has a clear view about the topic so that the reader knows what you are intended to write. The information you write in your abstract should give a clear idea to the reader about what is coming next.  Along with that, you must propose a solution to the problem you are going to discuss.

Do not be Too Wordy

Of course you are given a specific word count to complete your work and whenever students are assigned to write on a specific word count, the most common mistake they commit is that they do wordiness. You absolutely need to avoid doing that at your best. By doing wordiness, the meaning of the topic is lost and words are left in the paper which are as good as nothing. The best way to deal with the word count problem is to split the entire essay into sections and then equally allot word count to each section.

Write Detailed Results

While you intend to cover the topic, research and details of the topic in your essay, you must not limit yourself to proposing the results only. You must include the methods you chose to work on while doing the research for the assigned topic.


You must conclude the abstract in such a way that it makes your reader curious to know what is going to be in the rest of the essay. You can also work on adding some short suggestions or ideas to the abstract. You are supposed to add a solution to the problem that you are discussing, and whatever you suggest, you got to make sure that it is authentic and taken from reliable resources. You must fine tune your abstract by reviewing it in the end.


Before your make the final submission of your essay, make a habit of reviewing the final document. Mostly student are assigned to do an urgent assignment, while some procrastinate till the extent where a normal assignment becomes urgent, in such cases there is a high chance of different types of errors. So when you review your essay, you might spot some spelling, typo and grammar errors present in your document. That is your only chance to get rid of them and make an error free submission of your essay.

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