Survival Tips for Your Sophomore Year


It is not easy for every student to live through his sophomore year. There are many things which can become hard for a student to deal with. While many students deal with bullying and other assaults, there is still a chance that you survive with the help of some motivational tips.

First Impression

You must have heard of the term that first impression is the last impression right. So why not take care of that impression. You must take proper sleep and have a healthy breakfast when it’s your first day at school. Prepare yourself for the first day at school with positive energy. Make sure you are dressed up neat and clean; brush your teeth to share a bright smile with everyone. People always judge a person by the appearance, so make sure you are dressed up nice and comfortable. Be on time and participate in every class.

Make Friends

You must not be afraid of making new friends at school, because this is the right time to make friends. Who has got locker right next to yours? Befriend with him, you are going to see him every day. Keep your attitude positive and be nice with people. No need to work on being focus, it’s just the start of your high school; there will be a lot many occasions when you can think of doing that.

Stay Focused

You goal at school is to learn and educate yourself and you must not forget that. You need to have your personal inventory which needs to be full all the time, e.g. pencils, pens and papers etc. Communicate with friends at the right time and make sure you do not do that during any lecture. If there is any problem with any question or lecture, do not hesitate to ask your teacher.

Develop Your Skills

Along with learning about great things, this is your chance to develop new skills as well. You can take part in any sport or even participate in any extracurricular activity. You can work improving your art, become a cheerleader or take part in poetry class. Anything that interests you, you must join it.

Do Not Expect to Be Perfect

While you attend your classes regularly, take dance classes, become part of any sport or get involved in any relationship, you still cannot expect perfection. There is a chance that you might fail in the beginning so do not let negativity take over you.

Time Management

You must keep a balance between study and fun and manage your time accordingly. Do not waste your time in having fun all the time; this can ruin your career as well. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to create a timetable and allot specific time limit to each of your task.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is one of the most important things that you need to do. This doesn’t only include eating, but taking proper meal along with proper sleep and exercise. Health comes first, remember this and then do the rest of the activities.



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