How to Work on PowerPoint Assignment

Living in today’s world of information technology, one has to learn new skills to keep up with life. Times are gone when students were asked to submit hand-written assignments. What works now is software like PowerPoint through which you can split your topic into series of slides. Interactive images and videos can be added to explain the subheadings more aptly.

PowerPoint is a complete package of all type of graphical tools. Therefore it is the need of the hour for you to understand how you use PowerPoint in best possible way. For this purpose, a checklist has been assembled here for your assistance. Let’s proceed to it!


The very first thing you have to do is to select a theme. A theme is a complete set of slide layout, title page, font color, design and lots of other graphical details. You can either choose an inbuilt theme or you can go for online template store where you find a wider variety of designs. Once you select a theme which suits your demands best, you can now proceed to next step. Make further changes later if needed.

Title Page

The very first slide of your presentation contains following elements

  • Topic of the presentation
  • A sub heading
  • Presenter’s name

Overall, it is supposed to be a brief introduction of your presentation. It creates the very first impression that is why it needs to be perfect. Designing is most of the times automatically adjusted according to slide layout. What you need to focus on is well-written content free of grammatical or punctuation errors.


Secondary to the title slide, you can add a new slide as Outline. This will contain the main headings you plan to cover in your assignment. This will provide the reader or audience with a comprehensive overview about your presentation content. It will guide your readers and they will know what to expect next.

New Slide

Now you can move towards your next slide which most probably contains a brief definition or description of your presentation. Don’t add too much content on one slide. Keep it simple and sophisticated. The aim of PowerPoint is to provide a brief overview so avoid diving too deep into the matter. Here you can add an image which is relevant to the topic. It must be of high resolution and homogenous with the overall color scheme.

The Body

Now proceed forward and add all the information you want to share with your audience. While doing so, you can make use of interesting tools like audio, video, symbols, bullets, flowcharts, shapes in which you can add text, smart art, word art and so forth.

Each and every function can be customized in terms of shape, alignment, color, transparency, shadows, transitions, animations and so on.  You just need to trigger your creativity and you can make it rock. But maintain an adequate level of decency; too much anything can spoil the whole image of your presentation.


Once you are done with all the writing and animations, you should now preview your presentation. Press F5 to launch the slideshow. It allows you to observe any discontinuance in slides and obviously, you have all the time to fix it and bring it to a rather compelling pattern.

Now that you have completed the final editing, you can now relax as you are going to be rewarded well for the efforts you have made.

Meta Description

Assembled here is the absolute recipe for splendid PowerPoint assignment. However, if you still feel like it’s a toilsome task for you, you can look forward to for any kind of assistance you may need.



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