Keep Your Grades Up While Rocking Your Applications

Being a senior or a junior high school student, it is always hard to find time to do a college application. Your homework, social life and other extracurricular activities do not leave you enough time to do any other task. In this time, it can sometimes be hard for you to keep up with your grades as well. Do not worry, if you plan things in a right way, you can certainly work this thing out. Take a deep breath and simply follow these tips.

Create a List

Did you work on creating any college list of things required to do for your application? It starts with asking your teachers to recommend colleges and should end on giving your SAT test. It also includes applying for medical benefits, assigning yourself a workable deadline and then lastly, applying for a college.

Set Reminders Using Calendars

Either you use your smart phone calendar or install a reminder app; you must set these small reminders to remind yourself of important tasks. You must set weekly reminders for tests, essays, quizzes and other to do tasks.

Extracurricular Activities

With the help of the calendar app you can set reminders for your extracurricular activities as well. You can schedule your gym hours, sports week and other activities. Make sure you do not only set the reminders but also follow them.

Start Early

Once you have the list of shortlisted colleges, you need to start working on the job application and start applying a little early. Make sure you don’t end up applying in the last minute, or after the due date. Applying for a college early would also leave you a lot of time to review your application and the faculty members would also let you know in case there is any problem in the application.

Take Advantage of the Free Time

Right when you have applied to the college, you now have the time all to yourself. You can a lot in this time, instead of wasting it; make sure you invest in it the right place. You can focus on your high school studies like outlining an essay and working on other ongoing projects.

Cut out Extra Stuff

While you work on making your to-do list you must know that there can be this time when had added a task but you didn’t get any time to actually do it. So the best thing to do here is to cut it out of your list and give a chance to something you can actually do.

Learn to Say No

Everyone has friends who want to have fun most of the time, in the first place you need to avoid such people but since you are friends with them you can’t really turn your back on them. But there certainly is something that you can do about then and that is learning to say no. If they ask you to skip a class or go to a party, you must say no to them.




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