How to Publish Your Paper in a Journal


Surely getting your paper published in a well-known journal can give you a head start to a brilliant career. However, it is nowhere near trouble free. You are going to need some serious effort and dedication to get it done. Here is a cheat sheet for you to get there.

Choose Your Topic

The first and foremost step is selection of an adequate topic which suits you best according to your skills and knowledge. You must have a vision and purpose for why you are writing on this specific topic.

Plan, Plan Rigorously

Read as much as you can, spend more and more time in library or reading relevant material online. Nothing can add more to your knowledge than reading. You must be well aware with your topic and all recent developments in its study. Read previously written papers and look thoroughly for what’s not there. The key to getting noticed is to bring a new story to light. Go through the reader’s review to get a clear description of what a reader wants.

Choose a Credible Journal

Go for a little survey; find the journal which fits accurately with your writing style and your topic. Instead of trying irrelevant journals shortlist a few in which you would like to get your paper published in. Once you are done with this, get to their author’s guide which may include format, font, length and layout they prefer for publication. Do not forget to get the information about whether they require online submission of paper or they prefer a hardcopy of manuscript.


Choose Second Reviewer

By now you must be done with all your homework on what you are going to write and what approach you are going to follow. Just keep it coherent and well aligned. You’re writing better progress like a story leaving a clear understanding on reader’s mind. Never go for editing while you write. Editing is no doubt crucial but get done with writing first.

Once you are over with spell check and grammar check, read it out loud to make sure there is no disruption in order. Now your paper is ready, not for getting published but for a review. Ask a colleague or a mentor or a field expert to review your paper for you for any shortcoming that you being creator might have missed. After final revisions, the very last step here would be a keen self-evaluation. Does it fit the standards of your imagination? The only question you would need to answer proficiently and you are done with your writing part.

Go for Publishing

As you are done with writing and reviewing, now you can go for the most important step. Using the accurate methodology as prescribed by the journal before you submit your paper. Do not make any slightest of mistake here. Your paper must fulfill all the technical requirements given by the journal.

After such a long effort now you will have to wait for editor’s response which can take time period of six weeks to six months. Do not panic. Take a deep breath and make yourself positively receptive to any upcoming critical revisions. Do not even think to despair because patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.




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