7 Ways to Find Authentic Sources for Research Paper Citation

Writing a research paper requires deep research and authentic material. It is important that the sources are verified so that you can easily access authentic data. Now there are some search engines and websites available online that can provide resources. But the questions is, are all the sources available online credible? The answer is no.

There are not many authentic resource providers on the internet, and this is the reason PapersHelm reviews some of them for you. These sources are the absolute authentic data providers and are reliable. You can get data about any topic from these sources. Let’s go through them and see they can be helpful for your research paper!

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the top research websites. You can search every kind of peer-reviewed journal and published thesis from here. This search engine lists a variety of scholarly web resources. Google Scholar follows the similar pattern as that of Scirus. Students, researchers, and scholars from every walk of life benefit from it.


CiteSeerx is a known academic journal and digital library. It provides authentic resources for the computer science field. This search engine uses the independent citation indexing system. CiteSeerx offers many distinct features apart from academic papers.

These features are automatic metadata extraction, citation statistics, reference linking, and ACI – Autonomous Citation Indexing. CiteSeerx has evolved its interface with time and has become more user-friendly.

Microsoft Academic Research

Microsoft Academic Research was founded by Microsoft Research. The search engine provides over 48 million publications. It has scientific journals of biology, social science, engineering, computer science and much more. Microsoft Academic Research has introduced researching in new ways through its journals, conference papers, and authors.  This search engine enables you to search data concerning domain or author.

New Journal of Physics

New Journal of Physics is a search engine that specifically masses the database of physics. Various academic journals are available on the search engine for the students of physics subject. Also, it is an open-access journal so you can easily explore research findings of other scholars.

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials contains numerous peer-reviewed journals that provide access to data on technology and science. You get free access to the science and technology journals. This academic search engine facilitates the students with simple and easy access to technical and scientific information.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a search engine for scholarly and scientific resources. This is the wealthiest search engine for it has over 8,000 scholarly journals on a wide range of topics.  The journals are free to access and completely peer-reviewed.

Bioline International

Bioline International is popular for its authenticity and reliability. It has some peer-reviewed journals on biodiversity, medicine and food, nutritional security and food and public health. This search engine provides cost-free authorization to peer-reviewed journals, coming from the third world countries.

We recommend you to seek help from these search engines. Authentic information from these search engines will help you improve your grades and learning.




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