How Technology Affects College Life

Technology has affected many lives; it is not how it used to be. From businessmen to college students everyone can feel the difference in their lives due to the innovation in technology. We are living in 2017and the world has changed in many ways. Today we will talk about its impact on college life.

Telephone to Cell Phone

Remember the time when we used to call people through telephones? Yes, the time has changed we do not use those telephones anymore. Gone are the days when you had to call your classmates on a landline and ask for homework in case you had taken off. Now you can ask for an update with the help of simple text message, thanks to the technology!

Computer to Laptop

While we talk about how time is passing and how technology has changed, we cannot forget about the big computers we used to work on. Now you can easily work on any assignment using your laptop. You can stay in bed and easily work on daunting assignments. Although many institutes still encourage computers, the use of the laptop is very convenient and comes in handy as we can carry it anywhere.

Letters to Emails

For those students who are availing hostel facilities, it used to be a long process to get in touch with the family and friends. There was this time when a friend or a family member could only be contacted via letter. You had to write a letter first and then had to go to the post office to get it stamped and posted. Now emails have replaced the letters quite efficiently, you can get in touch with your friends and family members in a matter of minutes, yes it is that simple!

Text Messages to Whatsapp and Skype

Since we are discussing the ways of communication, we must include other great perks of technological innovation that is WhatsApp and Skype. Who is not aware of that these days? These apps are found in almost every cell phone. You can call; send a message, photo, or even make a video call to your loved ones in a matter of seconds. With the help of these tools, you can stay online and in touch very easily.

Class Lectures to Online Videos

In case you couldn’t make it to your class due to an emergency, you can now find out online, what you had missed. Yes, it is possible. You can simply Google the topic your teacher had taught and navigate through the results easily and find online videos about the lecture that you missed.

Homework to Online Assignments

A few years ago, you were given your assignments to be completed on a piece of paper, right? But what happened to that process? Well, the technology has well taken over that practice, and now you are supposed to complete those assignments on the laptop and submit them online.

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