Top Creative Writing Prompts for English Literature Students

Becoming a creative writer is not an easy task. It involves years of practice and hard work to create that is liked by all. But from where to start and how to begin writing? This is a question that bugs every good writer. The answer is to take help from writing prompts. There are much writing prompts to choose from.

PapersHelm reviews some very effective and creative writing prompts for you. These prompts will be very helpful in the fields of journalism, writing, and poetry. With these prompts, you can practice on daily basis. These prompts will hone your writing skill and polish it. Use these prompts to stretch your imagination. Check them here!

Dancing: Who is dancing and what’s that tapping noise?

The Unanswered love poem: How does it feel when you love someone, and they don’t love you back in the same way?

Eye Contact: Write a paragraph about people looking at each other for the first time.

Food: What is the lunch? What are you cooking for dinner? Or breakfast? Or write a poem about meeting your friend in a café.

The Vessel: Write about a ship or vehicle that may transport you to another place you want to visit.

Dragon: Think of keeping a dragon as a pet. How is your relationship with him? How difficult is it to handle him?

The Rocket-ship: Write about traveling in a rocket-ship to another galaxy.

The Letter Poem: Take a famous letter or one you have written. Take some words from it and write a poem.

Greeting: Jot down a letter or story starting with a greeting.

Animals: Think of your favorite animal: write about it.

Eavesdropper: Write a blog, journal, or short story on a conversation that you have overheard recently.

Cleaning: Write down details of your daily chores. How you clean your room? How you do your laundry?

Addict: Are there anything you cannot work without? Are you addicted to listening to music or eating sweets or anything?

The Found Poem: Read a passage or a novel and circle some words. Use those words in your poem.

Number Write about the numbers. What importance and interest they hold for you?

Dread: Write about your fears.

Puzzle: Write about what puzzle you made the last and how difficult it was.

Fire-Starters: Write how you lit the fire for the first time.

Alarm Clock: Write how much difficult it is for you shut your clock in the morning.

Spice: Write do you like your food spicy or not? If not, then why?

Silly Sports: What was the silliest sport you last played? Did you make that game up?

Caught Red-Handed: Write about an event where you were caught doing something, you were not supposed to do.

Missing Someone: Write about the reason you miss someone badly.

Hero: Who is the real hero of your life? Is there anyone who has saved the day for you?

Magic: If you had the power of magic? What good would you bring in the world with your powers?

Green Thumb: Are you into gardening? Have you grown anything in your garden?

These are some of the many prompts PapersHelm reviews for you. Use them to improve your writing skill. You will see quick changes in the way you write.





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