Do’s and Don’ts of PowerPoint Presentations


Making a creative PowerPoint presentation is not as easy as it seems. From selecting a design to writing the content of slides, you need to nail every aspect. You can certainly impress your teachers and supervisors with an excellent presentation. Here are some guidance tips for those worried about their presentations. PapersHelm reviews these do’s and don’ts so that you can go ahead with a perfect presentation. Have a look!

Do’s of PowerPoint Presentation:

Know the Audience

The first rule should be to understand what the audience wants. Whatever the purpose of the presentation, the information, style, and design should be pleasing to the audience. They should be able to understand the information on the slides.

Be More Concise

Brevity really is the soul of wit, so a good practice is to keep sentences simple and short. Cut paragraphs into sentences, sentences into phrases, and phrases into keywords. Keywords will allow you to capture audience’s attention.

Use Appropriate Formatting

Title size should be reasonable (36-40 points), and body should be at least 24 points. The color scheme should conform to the presentation topic. In any case, bright colors should be avoided, and brown, black, and white should preferably be used.  It is better to maintain simplicity in designing slides. This will allow the audience to enjoy the presentation thoroughly.

Improve Readability

Avoid crowding your slides with too much information. Instead, use bullets to express your points. Utilize notes section for elaborating on points for future perusal. Also, use normal caps and less punctuation. Perform a readability test before the actual presentation. Try reading the slides from the last row to ensure words are clear.

Add Limited Number of Slides

Ensure that only the bare minimum slides are used to convey your message most efficiently and effectively. You should not be spending more than one minute on a slide. Always use a concluding slide to provide an overall summary of the presentation for the benefit of the audience.

Don’ts of PowerPoint Presentation

Avoid Overuse of Special Effects

Utilizing animation and sound is good, but these effects should not overpower the essence of presentation. Ensure these special effects don’t become too distracting for the audience.

Avoid Using a Lot of Words

Non-essential information should be avoided in the slides. Complicated words should be avoided. More than eight lines per slide should be avoided.

Avoid Wrong Color Combinations

Wrong color combinations, such as brown/green, red/green and blue/black etcetera can be hard on the eyes. A better contrast such as black/white is recommended for a clearer view.

Avoid Presenting Slides Without Review

It is important that you read all the slides that were created and edit where required. Don’t flood the slides with too much clip art.

As a presenter, the foremost aim should be to keep the audience engaged. The presenter should be interactive and focused. To be a successful presenter, slides need to be excellent and attention-grabbing. The above principles should be followed to convey your message without distracting the audience.




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