The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing a Book Review

Good piece of writing attracts every avid reader and has the power to change minds. Writing a book review is no easy task and can make people read a book or lose all interest in it. Papershelm provides you with great tips to write a good book review.

Write a Good Introduction

A good start can help set the right tone for the review. Include an overview of the book and a brief glimpse into your opinion on the book. This is a good chance to create a relationship between author, reviewer and the readers. Papershelm advises you to use a clever opening line that acts as a hook for the reader. Avoid scathing remarks and remain neutral in your approach.

Keep Track of Time

A delay in writing a review for a new book is a big no-no. Publishers and authors rely on reviews to be prompt. This is so that a new book can be properly advertised. Editors have limited space and time, so you need to speed up the process of reviewing based on the given guidelines. If you are a student who has penned down a compelling review, don’t be reluctant to send it over for publishing.

Give an Opinion

You have to take a stand when writing a review. It is important for you to be clear on what your opinion is about the topic under study. This requires having knowledge of the book. You should also try to develop a good reading habit so you could improve your knowledge and are able to give relevant references.

Know Your Audience

It is important that your review helps grab the attention of the audience. Your review should resonate with the audience at all times. You have to mold your opinion to reader’s expectations without being dishonest. Try to provide a nuanced opinion to make the review more interesting.

Improve Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is a must if you want to be a good writer. With book reviews, a good vocabulary can help increase the number of readers and improve your own writing skills. For quick vocabulary boost, check out mobile apps like Word to Word and

Learn to Proofread

Always proofread the work you write. This can help identify grammar and sentence structure errors so that they can be fixed within the deadline. Grammar mistakes can really be unattractive and may confuse the audience. Check out this link for more information.

Be Specific

Remember “brevity is the soul of wit”. You have to be careful not to get carried away with the summary of the book. Mention your likes and dislikes in an honest way without going overboard. PapersHelm reviews tips for writing an impeccable book review to make every word count so readers don’t lose attention. Here is the link for some creative idea resources.

Writing a book review can be tough, mainly because you are commenting on someone else’s work. People may or may not enjoy your review, but they should always be able to read it.



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