10 Best Places to Find Writing Prompts

Inspiration to write comes from different places. We at Papershelm believe that finding the perfect spot can help increase writing productivity to a great extent. If you want to write inspiring essays and stories, then here are some cool places that can help boost your writing skills.


Popular authors like J.K Rowling started writing in local cafés. Not only can one enjoy delicious coffee and food items, but also see new faces day in and out. Cafés give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, so do try.

Public Transport

It is high time you stop using that “I have no time” excuse. You can write anywhere, that’s the beauty of it. Let ideas race through the head with the blurring landscape while riding a bus or a train. Tune in to the conversation and observe people around you. A new idea may strike and change your life forever.


Cliché though library/bookstore may be, they are worth a try. PapersHelm reviews these to be the best places to write for those who prefer quiet. You can grab your choice books for some inspiration from the shelves when you run out of ideas. Plus, you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi.


Parks are great places to write. They can be nearby, or far, quiet or filled with laughter. You can choose to spend time with different people, or alone, and get some writing done while enjoying the weather. There are just too many perks of this place to miss out on. Start searching today!


‘A beach is just a peach’. That’s what we at PapersHelm think at least. Beaches promise the chance to enjoy cold drinks, sightseeing, and a refreshing swim – everything needed to boost brain activity and indulge in reflective thinking. Throw in some writing in between and you can spend the perfect day out.


These are two promising spots to boost your writing. Get a wicker chair, inhale the scents in the air and let your mind explore the possibilities. You may end up writing many pages, or not. Either way, you can spend a productive day while analyzing ideas in your head.

Co-working Space

The idea of co-working space seems to crop up a lot today. Places like Hub and Spark are ideal for freelancers or writers looking to write. They offer both membership and pay-as-you-go options with other perks. The only downside is that these places can be costly (as high as $850/month).


A bar is an excellent place to hand out and swap stories. Imbibing can help you overcome your shyness and lower that nay-saying voice in your head enough to allow you to write whatever you want. Free the reins of the mind for once and write away!


If people find bathrooms/showers comfortable enough to sing then why not write? Granted you may end up with prune skin but massaging your head can trigger some new ideas. The only downside is if you share the bathroom with a houseful of people.


Surprised? Interestingly, watching fish in tanks can have a calming effect on people. This is even more important for the fast and hectic life of freelancers. Try fitting in an appointment late afternoon and kill the waiting period by writing.

We at Papershelm believe an idea alone is not enough. The place you write at counts too. PapersHelm reviews these top ten places that will inspire, and give you the confidence to write better. On the flipside, if you are looking for writing advice, feel free to visit and talk to consultants.



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