Use These 9 Online Tools If Group Study is Not Your Forte

We cannot agree more with the fact that socializing is hard in this era, let alone taking time out for group study. It’s not that the new generation thinks group study as a time-waster, rather they cannot take out time for it.

The internet offers various online tools to fill the gap left by the absence of group studies. PapersHelm reviews some of the most popular online tools that would greatly help you if group study is not your thing. Let’s dig in!


If you are prone to have a bad luck at Mathematics, you need to try your luck with this online tool. This one here lets you practice Math in an interactive manner. You can also involve your teachers and peers and discuss mathematical queries with them.


This tool helps in making major assignments. You can make your presentation and even posters with the help of this tool. Various features help build an attractive presentation. The experts of PapersHelm highly recommend this tool.


Similar to Google Scholar, this tool allows management and search of innumerable scholarly references. It’s a store of online references and here you can search your required reference with great ease. The tool also lets you share the references with your peers. In addition to this, you can find out a preferable reference picked by others.


This tool is under everyone’s use. Most common use of this online tool is a video conference. No matter where you are, you can start an individual or group video chat. With Skype, you can also discuss and share files and images with great ease. We at PapersHelm use Skype to conduct learning sessions.


This tool provides an online platform for group discussion and collaboration. Just like Skype, you can exchange notes, share files and create content for your writing and projects.


Presentation making appears to be a hard task for many students. But with this tool, students can create challenging presentations with ease. With the option of multiple access points, any of your group mates can check and edit the presentation. Students can also add live feeds taken online and audio and visual effects.


As the name indicates, the tool provides online exercises and games. You can have gaming sessions with your friends and check your spelling skills. The consultants of PapersHelm highly recommend this tool to enhance vocabulary.


As everyone knows, this is a blogging website. Thus, students can create a blog here for a shared purpose. With a blog in hand, sharing of opinion gets easy and students can collaborate on various projects.


Scribe aids reading habit. With this tool, students can share their favorite books with their peers and even bookmark them. Moreover, you can share the books with others.

So this host of tools is extremely helpful in case you want to ditch your friends for a group study. PapersHelm suggests that you try out these tools and see the difference in your study routine for yourself.



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