6 Tips to Select Research Journals to Publish Your Paper

6 Tips to Select Research Journals to Publish Your Paper

A lot of effort is needed to write a research article. That is why it is very important that you choose the right journal to publish your work. It is very common for inexperienced students to get their good quality papers published in substandard conferences or journals. So, if you want to grab the right kind of attention to your work, make sure you select a peer-reviewed journal. PapersHelm reviews some tips that can help you make the right decision when choosing a journal for publishing your paper.

Don’t Rush to Submit Your Paper in Journals

Be patient with your work and get it done right before you choose a journal. Take your time and make sure the work is original and worthy of publication. Even after work is done, take time to research peer-reviewed journals before you think about submitting your paper. Talk to your teachers, peers, and expert researchers about the nature of your work so they could suggest suitable journals to you for publication.

Read the Scope and Aims of the Journal

Read the scope and aims of the target journal to see if it relates to your written work. You can work on your manuscript to increase your chances of acceptance. By reading aims and scope of various journals, you can know what sort of work they are looking for and whether you meet that criterion? This is a tried and tested method by PapersHelm experts, so you can choose the right journals to have your work published.

Read the Guidelines for Authors in Selected Journals

Every journal gives some guidelines for students and researchers. You must read these guidelines if you want to select the right journal. To make sure you follow the guidelines of the journal, download their guide for authors and read it carefully. Make sure you do not miss anything important relating to your paper writing technique, research paper format, and submission deadlines. Following rules will bring your paper one step closer to being submitted in a top peer-reviewed journal.

Look for the Invitation-only Option Available in Journals

There are some journals that are invitation-only and this exclusivity makes it difficult for beginners to submit a paper. So, you must either look for alternative journals or sign up for the long process of getting someone to invite you for publication.

Check Reviews and Impact Factors of Different Journals

It’s not always easy to find peers and teachers to consult with. Now you can check the authenticity of a journal by reading its reviews online. Other people’s experiences can help guide your research and give you better publication ideas. You should check the target journal’s impact factor as well. The higher the impact factor, the better the journal is. PapersHelm reviews this site for a detailed understanding of how to locate impact factors.

Don’t Submit the Same Paper to Multiple Journals

Every researcher should be aware that submitting the same paper to different journals at the same time is unethical. It is better to wait for the response from the editor of one journal. In case of rejection, you can submit your paper to another journal and so on. If you want to save time, send pre-submission inquiries to different journals at the same time. You can highlight important aspects of your research and inquire whether the editor of the journal would be interested in such a paper. You can submit your paper to whichever editor responds most positively.

Research papers are being published at a fast rate. So, if you want to have a list of published papers to your name, better follow these tips for best results. Know that publishing in a low impact factor journal can steal all the glory from your paper, so choose wisely.



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