5 Worst Tips You’ve Ever Heard About College (And How to Avoid Them)

Going to the college of your choice is a dream come true. You must have hopes for a new and different life at the campus. It can also be scary when you get there for the first time. After going through the trouble of applications and selection process, you image carefree academic years at the campus.

However, your bubble of happiness may get poked by some people around you. Why? Because they’d love to share a couple of horrible experiences and tips that ever existed. Resultantly, your high spirits may get dampened. PapersHelm reviews some worst tips and warns you that you should never listen to these notions before setting foot in college. Check them here!

Caffeine is Mandatory for Studying

Many people would tell you that you should hold on to caffeine like a lifeline for studying. Your seniors may imply that it makes your brain process better; and that you need coffee throughout the day. PapersHelm suggests that you don’t listen to such absurd recommendations. This is just a generalization that college students must drink a lot of coffee to bear the pressure of studies. It’s a myth so refrain from falling for it.

Hard Work is Enough

Some people might tell you that merely your work hard will take you anywhere. In college, this can be wrong even if it sounds fair. You need to be smart about investing energy in college studies. You must prioritize things such as exams, assignments, and projects in the right order. This is how you can be successful in college.

Smart Drugs are Good

People often say that by taking Smart Drugs you can handle the pressure in college. They would say these drugs make you sharp and effective. However, this is not the case. They are not worth risking your health and wasting your money. You can rather focus on getting disciplined about your study schedule. PapersHelm reviews this notion and suggests that avoiding any kind of drugs is preferable.

Everyone Should Pull All-Nighters in College

They say that you cannot become a true college student without becoming a night owl. Studying at night is perceived to be the tradition of college. This is another myth and has nothing to do with the actual student life. To stay active and focused during classes at daytime, you need to have good sleep at night. You can manage your time smartly and study at the library during the day.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Repaying Loans

The worst of worst advice for college students is telling them they don’t have to repay loans. This one is a deal breaker. You must be aware of what you are getting into when you decide to take such loans. It takes your whole youth to repay these loans. If you have not enough money in the bank for paying tuition fees, you must reconsider taking the loan.

There is a higher chance of getting these tips before entering campus life. People have different experiences at college. You may be tempted to picture college life with the perspective of a person with bad experiences or judgment but stop right there. To be successful, you better be aware of right and wrong pieces of advice before acting upon them. You can rely on PapersHelm and its experts for more insights about college life. You can also read PapersHelm reviews if you need academic consultation or writing assistance.



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