6 Reasons Why English is the Number One Language

It is not hype or a myth; English is the number one language in the world. Used by around 375 million people in the world, English is the official language of over 50 countries. What are the reasons that make English so much more popular than other languages? Papershelm is on the quest to find out the reasons that make the English language so special. Here are some of our findings in answer to the above questions:

English is Easy to Learn

Some may disagree, but the fact remains that unlike many other languages, English has clear grammar and semantic rules. Some consider writing in English easier than speaking it. However, people admit that unlike many taxing languages, getting grip on English is easy.  It has an extensive vocabulary and thus provides the speaker with as many word choices. You can always use a synonym if you don’t like a word.

Influences of Other Languages

The English language contains words from many other romance languages. Littered with invasions and influences the English language is rich with history. Latin, French, Greek, Roman, Germanic, and Viking cultures have strongly influenced this language. The combination of these languages makes the English language even more interesting in terms of vocabulary and articulation.

A Universal Business Language

The UK and the USA are the centers of world-renowned businesses and brands and as such almost entire business world communicates in English. You can say that it is the default language of corporate and trading world. One reason behind this unanimous language can be a reluctance to learn other difficult languages. PapersHelm reviews keep you well-informed.

Flexible and Vast Language

The English language is so flexible that it hosts 750,000 words and over 1,000 words are added to it yearly. There are multiple ways to express your feelings, a situation or anything in this language, which makes it the most diverse. There are synonyms of almost every word in English, making it very extensive and thus, popular.

English Offers Various Dialects

English is the only language that is spoken around the world in so many dialects, which is why keeping track of dialects is hard. In the UK alone there are over 30 dialects and accents of English. UK, Australia, and the USA have several accents and spelling differences when it comes to writing and speaking. The good thing is that they are all acceptable. Influenced by history, climate, demographics and culture, every English accent is well received if not accepted.

Flexible and Changeable Language

The language has the capacity to preserve the weirdest of words and can be manipulated by each nation in their own version. For instance, Singapore has come up with a new version of English called “Singlish”, a combination of Chinese and Malay. Compared to other languages, English keeps evolving and has the ability to reshape itself and suit any occasion, event or culture.

These 6 tidbits are shared to demystify some aspects of the English language for students.  We hope these were enough reasons to keep you motivated and on the track to learn this extensive yet, awesome language. English is popular for many reasons and it is time you learn the language to stay in touch with the global world and increase your input.



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