4 Killer TV Shows to Make English Learning Worth Your While

Television has infiltrated our lives to a great extent. With the large number of TV programs available, watching TV has become a habit. While not everything TV has to offer is good, there are some really good shows imparting information on various subjects.

Watching TV is packed with a lot of negatives, which is why we at PapersHelm decided to shed some light on more positive aspects of TV, such as language improvement. Here is a list of top 5 shows for you to watch and learn English. Those who are not interested in reading can binge watch to improve their English listening, speaking, and writing skills. How cool is that?

Breaking Bad

This is easily one of the greatest, if not the best shows of the last decade. This American show is about a chemistry teacher-turned-meth-drug-producer who managed to create a meth empire. All because he needed money and was fed up with his life as a teacher.  Interested yet?

Besides the crazy plot twists, the show offers a host of words that can help improve your vocabulary extensively. You will hear a lot of street slang, drugs and crime related words such as shady or drug dealer. You will hear words like dope, weed, and pot – all synonyms of marijuana. The level of English complexity is over intermediate for this show.

House of Cards

Anyone interested in improving political and technical business lingo should watch this show. This modern take, on one politician’s revenge to reach the top, is filled with exciting twists and turns. PapersHelm reviews that you will never look at your politicians the same way. The show is highly realistic and helps understand the wheeling and dealing that occurs behind politicians’ closed doors.


If you think lawyers are boring, you have another think coming. Suits is an American TV show based on NYC’s best closer Harvey Specter and his protégé Mike Ross (who practices law without a law degree). The great thing about this show is its easy language.

Despite a number of technical legal terms, the characters do a commendable job of explaining it all. The show promises a great deal of intelligent and witty conversations that will definitely enhance speaking and writing skills. Besides, won’t it be great to have words like a subpoena, plaintiff and perjury in your vocabulary?


This British TV show based on a highly intelligent and a know-it-all detective and his colleague Dr. Watson is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes stories. Not only is the show brilliant, but with an excellent plot, and a worthy enemy like Jim Moriarty, your language skills will definitely improve. Have fun adding words like detective, mastermind, archnemesis, and deduce in your vocabulary for starters.

No one wants to read a book all the time and that is why the next best form of entertainment and learning is a TV show. While some of the above-mentioned shows have a darker theme than others, do not let that stop you from watching them.

We at PapersHelm believe that all of these shows are brilliant in their own right, but shows like Breaking Bad, Suits and Sherlock can really help you improve language listening, speaking and writing skills. The team at PapersHelm reviews these shows to be a fun way of learning English. Keep reading for more updates!



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