Football Slangs All Avid Supporters Should Know


Football (not soccer!) remains one of the most watched games in the world as evidenced by millions of super fans.  However, that does not mean you know the right football slang to show your love for the game. Not knowing the right things to shout out in the stadium would be embarrassing. To save you from making a major error in the game, we thought to share some useful English slang words.  Don’t forget to read PapersHelm reviews for more news and updates.

1. Ref!

Being a referee in a football game is no joke. The players and the fans take the game very seriously and as such, whenever a referee intervenes, an uproar or series of protests follow the ref. Phrases like ‘get your eyes tested’ and ‘you don’t know how to do your job’ are common on a football field. Players have gone as far as snatching a yellow card from a ref’s hands in anger, which of course led to a red card.  So, let’s just go ahead and say being a ref is not as much fun as it seems.

2. He Should Have Buried That

This phrase is for a team who is unable to score a goal in a 90-minute match plus whatever extra time is available. The phrase said with a mix of emotions like shock, anger, and dejection represents the simplest of chances that a player had to score a goal and still missed. Keep reading PapersHelm reviews for more news.

3. What a Screamer!

A screamer or a “worldie” is reserved for quality players and peak performers like Messi and Ronaldo who can create quite the uproar in the stadium with a single long distance goal in a match. PapersHelm reviews, if you are a fan of either of the two players, and we bet you are, then get ready to shout out this slang the next time you see them play.

4. Man On!

PapersHelm reviews that the football fans are some of the best in the world, no doubt about it. It comes as no surprise that they are every ready to help in the field by playing the role of the 12th man. This slang is a warning cry from the crowd to save their team member from an opponent’s close tackle. The crowd is quite serious about its job, so players had better heed their advice.

5. The Wall Did Its Job

A very common occurrence in a football game is a free kick, where players form a line, some 10 yards from the kicker. This wall of people either blocks or defends the ball. If penetrated then the team awarded the free kick is likely to score.  Check out PapersHelm for interesting new posts.

6. It’s Time to Park The Bus

This slang is used in cases of ultra-defensive playing. All 11 players get behind the ball to defend their goal post from an opponent’s attack, while not attacking at all to score. It is equivalent to parking a bus at a spot and not moving from it mainly to maintain a clean slate.

7. What a Howler!

In a game with high stakes and many great moments, the appearance of silly mistakes can be either funny or downright blood boiling for the fans and the teams. This slang is used when a goalkeeper fails to save a simple shot or in case of an on goal. The sullen and red-faced players are worth a howl, whether good or bad depends on the team you are supporting. Here is a great howler from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Football is full of wonderful moments for the crowd to enjoy. Whether you are watching from home or in a stadium, these English slang words will definitely come in handy to make you sound like a true supporter.



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