4 Sure Ways to Learn the English Language from TV Shows and Films


The first thing that may come to your mind reading the title of this blog would be something along the lines of “Is this a joke?” Well, it is not and we will surely make a believer out of you with our awesome tips on learning the English language. Learning language through TV shows and films is not only fun and exciting but a great use of your time as well.

With these ways, you have a perfect excuse to spend your time watching movies and TV shows (just not too much, we hope). Other than that your listening skills will improve, you will sound more as a native speaker, and your motivation will not wane because you are learning while watching your favorite shows and movies. Let’s examine effective ways you can learn the English language while being thoroughly entertained.  PapersHelm is the lead site for knowledge sharing, so keep reading

1. Hear and Write

One smart way to learn is to use the videos you watch for dictation. Hit the pause button frequently to write down any new words you hear.  Make it a habit to listen multiple times to the point where you can no longer hear any difference in the words. Compare what you have written to the subtitles on screen and search meanings of new words from the dictionary or by googling.  This is a great exercise in improving your listening skills. See and hear how the actors speak the words and whether they cut words or deliver them fully.  This can help you get better at understanding fast speech in real life as well.

2. Do Translate It

Another important strategy is to translate the sentences you hear in various videos in your native language. This will help you learn English faster as you have a method of comparing English words to your original language. It is better if you translate passages in a native language one day and rephrase them in English the next day so you can recreate dialogues with your grammar and vocab knowledge rather than from memory alone.  This practice will help you differentiate between your expertise level and that of a native speaker. You will be better able to express your ideas, just like your favorite actors. Keep reading PapersHelm reviews for more suggestions.

3.Act the Part

Are your favorite dialogues swimming in your head? Get your inner actor out and mimic your favorite actors’ voice or body language.  There is no time like the present to impress others with your English language skills. Not only is this a fun way to memorize new words and grammar sentences, you will automatically feel like a native speaker. You can go as far as recording yourself and compare the recording with the original video. You will become better at identifying your mistakes and knowing what to improve next.

4.Talk More Often

Use the keyword method to improve your English language learning. When you watch a scene, you should write down keywords or new vocabulary words. After you are done, you can speak your list of words aloud for a few minutes. This practice will help you remember the words more easily in the long term. Check out PapersHelm for interesting tidbits.

With these 4 tips and methods, you can watch TV shows and movies without fear of wasting away your brain cells. Bet your mom will stop nagging as well when you explain these awesome ways to learn the English language to her. So, grab your favorite DVDs and start learning today!



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