5 Writing Careers That Promise Good Livelihood

Writing is one of the most in-demand careers for people working at home, or in a company. Students often find themselves confused as to which writing style is suitable to pursue a career in writing.  If you are someone looking for a top-paying job with a lot less competition, then we at PapersHelm have listed some options for you.

1. Copywriting

As copywriters, you will be responsible for creating advertising copies for promoting products and services to be used by broadcast media. Copywriters can work for large digital or advertising agencies and as freelancers. The median salary for a copywriter is at $48,559/year in 2018 with a projected growth of 2% to 4% by 2024.

2. Creative Writing

Creative writing is a really cool career where a person gets to be original. Lyricists, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers are some of the creators of original content. This type of writing is meant to educate or entertain, and express one’s thoughts through the medium of writing. The median salary is $61,240 with a growth projection of 2-4% by 2024.

3. Video Scripting

The video business is booming and YouTube videos are an indication. Video scripts can include company notices, or app videos to attract more customers. Former hosts, radio journalists, screenwriters, and playwrights can get this job done quite well. We at PapersHelm suggest you make a video for your site, or write content for some other business, and get together with a videographer.

4. Marketing Emails

We at PapersHelm reviews believe email marketing is the mother of internet marketing. It is one of the best ways to reach customers and make them buy your products and services. Creating a good email list and sending emails at the right time is a top marketing strategy for the success of companies. You can get as much as $250 and more for marketing campaigns and autoresponder sequences. Subscribe to a couple of newsletters for businesses that are of interest. Look out for weaknesses in their sales and offer your expertise.

5. E-learning Courses

Writing content for e-courses is a huge niche for writers, with a global net worth of $107 billion and another $50 in self-paced learning courses. The market is huge in India, Malaysia, and China and the work is given to freelance writers and designers.  These courses offer a great learning chance to those unable to attend colleges and universities. Companies are willing to pay top money for this growing industry (annual growth of 9% expected), so get on the buggy of e-learning.

These are some of the major careers in which writers thrive. All you have to do is get some training from any number of online tools and resources and be confident in your pursuit of work. You may be rejected at times, but that’s part of the learning process. As writers, you need to be open, creative, and willing to accept failures. This is how you grow and make a name for yourself in the writing business.



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